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hunang1-400x400Ecospíra honey is a top-quality, wild Icelandic honey sold in health food stores in the capital city area.

Katrín H. Árnadóttir, founder and owner of Ecospíra has kept bees since 2010. She started off with one hive in her own garden in the town of Garðabær, gradually increasing the number of hives, and eventually moving them to a forestry plantation in Hafnarfjörður.

The plantation is not sprayed with insecticides, as is the case in many private gardens, so Ecospíra honey is a pure and unpolluted natural product.

The health benefits of honey

Honey is truly a superfood. Among other things, it contains 12 different lactic acid bacteria which come from the bee’s honey stomach, including 8 kinds of lactobacilli and 4 bifidobacteria. These bacteria are important for the intestinal flora and promote digestion. Honey kills viruses, fungi and bacteria and contains many nutrients and vitamins.

The nectar that Ecospíra bees use to make honey is taken mainly from birch scrub and pine and spruce trees, along with wood cranesbill, ling, black crowberry, and bog bilberry plants, as well as other forest vegetation found in the area.

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